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Play Readings

by anita

Play readings are held at various times during the year, both to pick future plays for production and also just for “social” reading, generally in the Tap Room at The Gaping Goose Public House, Selby Road, Garforth, starting at 7:30pm.

All Members, Friends, Potential Members or just anybody who is interested, are invited to come along to take part or to sit and listen.

We currently do not have any reading dates booked, as we are beginning rehearsals for our next production.

What The Dickens?!

by anita

On Saturday 26th January, GADS performed “What The Dickens?!” a rehearsed reading of the life and times of Charles Dickens, at St Mary’s Church, Garforth, please see the following review received from a member of the audience: -

On a very cold Saturday evening, a hardy band of people made their way to St Mary’s Church in Garforth to listen to a group of actors from Garforth Amateur Dramatic Society telling the story of the life of Charles Dickens.
After being seated as near to the radiators as possible, the evening began. From that moment it was pure magic. On the stage were two very distinguished gentlemen dressed in their frock coats and high collars, and on either side two elegant ladies. The candle on the table was lit and the readings began.
You forgot the cold as you were drawn into this amazing man’s life story and how his unhappy childhood and experiences were turned into some of the best writings in English Literature and showed us how much he did to make the lives of poorer people better.
The readers were excellent and who wouldn’t be moved by the death of little Nell, the horrible beatings of Smike, but who also chuckled at the adventures of Mr Pickwick?
A very special thank you to Erica Nicholls of GADS who researched the life of Dickens, read all his novels to pick out the readings, and then typed the script for the readers‟ use. GADS would also like to thank the members of St Mary’s Church for providing supper, wine, coffee and the use of the Church.
The evening drew to a close with the immortal words from Tiny Tim, “God Bless Us Everyone”
Thank you for a wonderful evening.

Janet Gisburn

GADS – An Official History

by anita

We have recently produced a short booklet giving the history of the Society.

This is available to buy at the bargain reduced price of £5 £3!

The Booklet is now available to buy at Garforth Library and One Stop Centre in Main Street, Garforth.

Alternatively please contact Pat Toes on 0113 2862491 / or James Grayson on 07842 903018 / to purchase.

Summer BBQ

by anita

Our Summer BBQ 2018 was held at Mike & Erica’s house on Saturday 18th August.

A small group of members and friends thoroughly enjoyed the evening, please see the following poetic review: -

GADS Barbecue
T’was the 18th August, a warm balmy night
and at 1 Oakfield Close it was a wonderful sight.
GADS had convened but with no play to read,
just Michael and Erica with hoards they must feed.
Come bangers and chicken and salads galore,
come burgers and bread buns, we could ask for no more.
The beer it was flowing and so was the wine.
Conversation was buzzing, all had a good time.
Soon the moon was quite high and the stars shining bright,
so thanks to our hosts and to all a good night.
Carole Hurst



Quiz Night

by anita

The most recent of our very successful and well attended Quiz Nights was held on 29th June 2018, see the following write up: -

Eighteen Members and Friends came to the summer quiz at the Welfare Hall, a smaller number than usual, probably due to holidays and the hot weather!
So we all thought that we might have a better chance of winning. Sadly it was not to be as one of the brainiest teams of the ‘usuals’ won again—the Nicholls! How can we beat them?
Thanks Tom for another great quiz especially the section on football as it is the World Cup year. Most of the ladies had great fun in guessing the 25 answers, but perhaps next time it might be knitting or tatting and that could flummox the men!!

Our next quiz will be held on Friday March 8th 2019, starting at 7:30PM, at the usual venue of the upstairs room at Garforth Welfare Hall!

Please don’t forget all Sponsors and Friends of GADS are welcome at social events and readings as well as productions. The more the merrier.

Tickets are £4.00 and will include light refreshments (BYO drinks).

There will also be a raffle for which contributions would be very welcome.

To book your places (nearer the time), please contact Tom Nicholls on 0113 286 5552 or

Theatre Visits

by admin

The Society makes occasional group visits to theatres, to see both professional or other amateur performances.

There are no visits planned at the current time.

If any Members or Friends have any ideas of theatre (or other similar) visits that they consider other Members / Friends may enjoy, please contact Pat Toes.

Annual General Meeting

by admin


Our 2018 Annual General Meeting was held at 7:30PM on Monday 23rd April 2018 at the Gaping Goose Public House, Selby Road, Garforth and there was a good turn out of members.

We now have a new Chairman – Pat Toes, a new Treasurer – Tom Nicholls (nice job swop) and one new member of the committee in Ivana Smiljanic who joins our President – Judith Elliott, Secretary – Becky Mee and existing committee members, James Grayson & Janet Gisburn in forming the Committee for the next year.

Our 2019 AGM is to be held on Monday 29th April, again at the Gaping Goose Public House, starting at 7:30pm.