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Summer BBQ

by anita on

Our Summer BBQ 2018 was held at Mike & Erica’s house on Saturday 18th August.

A small group of members and friends thoroughly enjoyed the evening, please see the following poetic review: -

GADS Barbecue
T’was the 18th August, a warm balmy night
and at 1 Oakfield Close it was a wonderful sight.
GADS had convened but with no play to read,
just Michael and Erica with hoards they must feed.
Come bangers and chicken and salads galore,
come burgers and bread buns, we could ask for no more.
The beer it was flowing and so was the wine.
Conversation was buzzing, all had a good time.
Soon the moon was quite high and the stars shining bright,
so thanks to our hosts and to all a good night.
Carole Hurst



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