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Drama Workshops

by James Grayson on

On May 14th, GADS had the pleasure of hosting our 3rd Annual Acting Workshop, with Sarah Osbourne.

Sarah always puts us through our paces and creates a fun environment for us to experiment with our repertoire of characters. None of us were quite sure what to expect on the day, as no two workshops are the same, but Sarah very quickly put us at our ease, making three new attendees feel relaxed and made sure that we were warmed up and good to go! After the physical and vocal warm ups, Sarah started to encourage us to work with our characters, putting us into pairs and giving us a short piece to work through. We all interpreted the piece differently, with styles ranging from the comic through to the dramatic. After feedback around our motivation, Sarah had us re work the piece again so we could experiment further, which added new depth to our pieces.

Following a lovely lunch prepared by Pat and Janet, we then started on a more structured piece, again in pairs. The key for working through this piece was using the text to better understand our character’s motivation. Focusing on different sections of the 3-page text, we pulled apart the different aspects to better understand what our characters may be needing or wanting from the situation. This gave a very different perspective on the characters and the dynamic. By the end of the session we felt we knew our characters better, which was the aim of the game!

We all took different things from the workshop; for me the big learning was not taking the character on face value and reading between the lines of the text for the hidden gems. The session challenged us and we are looking forward to trying out our new found skills in the November play!

Becky Mee


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